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Painting-vinyl-shutters-black, shutters are usually the finishing touch on a home’s exterior. they add elegance, character and bring the home to life. while shutters originated as a practical way to control light into a home, protect from the elements and add a level of security to a home, today’s shutters are typically cosmetic and just add to the look of a home.. I painted my entire exterior vinyl siding and shutters. i painted the siding with behr exterior satin with the primer already in the paint, light blue to a rich taupe, and the shutters with krylon paint for plastic, from white to black., how to paint vinyl shutters. vinyl shutters are popular because they are durable, cost effective, and easy to install. after a few years, however, the shutters can dull in color and not look as eye-pleasing as before. fortunately, vinyl....

The easiest and fastest way to go about painting vinyl shutters is to take them down and use an airless sprayer to paint them. attempting to spray paint them from a ladder takes too much time to mask the siding and glass around the shutters, and painting them with a brush takes even more time., disclaimer: you are free to paint your shutters whatever color you like but just know that if you do not use the vinyl safe paint on vinyl shutters and you paint your shutters black, they will warp and it will void the warranty since you used a color they tell you not to use. anyway, the closest to black that i could get was “black of night.”.

No matter what color your house is, black is classic, which is why i chose to paint my vinyl shutters black. i want my front door to stand out (it’s bright yellow) and the shutters to be a supporting detail. if your front door is wood, go for color. just think about all of the other colors of your home., you may have found yourself wondering how to paint vinyl shutters if your old shutters are old and faded or if your just ready for a change. you may also be planning to purchase new vinyl shutters and want to paint them so you can get that specific color that may not be available as a standard color directly from the manufacturer..

Painting vinyl shutters a shade that is darker than it's original color will cause it to absorb more heat than it's meant to, and this will lead to the vinyl rapidly expanding and contracting, and eventually buckling. most vinyl shutters that you will see on homes are lighter colors, rarely will you see black., painting vinyl or plastic shutters is easy. clean the shutters with soap and water and use a very sticky paint that has urethane in it. do not paint in direct sun..

I think it looks great! i have the same yellow siding as you but my shutters are painted a dark plum. i got the idea from a magazine years ago, otherwise i would never have thought to have purple shutters, lol.