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Pan-underneath-water-heater, runner-up: eastman 60086 water heater pan made of durable aluminum, this drain pan is perfect for gas water heaters. it measures 24 inches on the outside and 22 inches on the inside. the water heater pan comes with drain fittings to make installation quick and easy.. Get free shipping on qualified water heaters pans or buy online pick up in store today in the plumbing department., we can think of six different reasons why water would be in the pan under your water heater: the tpr valve (temperature and pressure relief) is’ s the device on the top or side of the water heater with a small flip-up arm that opens when the water temperature or pressure in the tank is too high..

Typically, the hot water heater pan is there to catch overflow from the pop off valve, but when events like a leak from the rusted out bottom happen, the pan is also a must. unfortunately, my hot water heater fiasco wasn’t the first that i had seen. i’ve seen several homes, generally older ones, where the hot water heater pan is nonexistent., ordinarily, a problem you have in replacing a water heater is that you want to slide the new water heater into the drain pan, but you need to get it over the edge of the pan and not smash the pan. even if you have two big guys, the water heater might be in a closet so the guys can't fit on opposite sides to lift it..

Get help with your home improvement projects. tom can help. send your questions to tom: see more asktom videos: http:..., installing a drain line for a hot water heater pan. as water heaters age, the inside tanks that contain water can weaken from rust and corrosion. this causes the tanks to leak, and in some cases ....

When bayareaac said "old water supply" - he meant "cold" water supply - typo - the water feed to the tank. turning that off cuts of flow to the tank so will stop any tank leak - also to all hot water faucets, and also the hot tempering water that keeps the toilet tanks from "sweating" - toilets will still work, just may accumulate condensation on the outside., a water heater leaking from the bottom is not always an indication of tank failure. before you resign yourself to replacing the entire water heater, take a few minutes to determine where the leak is actually coming from, and you may be able to fix the leak yourself with little or no cost.